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Chopin as Seen by His Contemporaries. Scenes from the Life of the Great Composer

212 s.+ 6 s. nlb., masz. (przechowywana jest w Bibliotece Polskiej w Londynie; sygn.: Rps 184)

Zawartość omawianego tomu: F. Skarbek, Mikołaj Chopin; K.W. Wójcicki, Editor. Artist. Actor; A. Jędrzejewicz, How He Tamed a Despot; E. Skrodzki, Women and Wine; J. Sikorski, At the Organ; F. Maciejowski, Mazurka in an Album; A. Bäuerle, First Concert in Vienna; M. Mochnacki, Warsaw Laurels; S. Witwicki, An Appeal to Create a Polish National Opera; A. Silvestre, Meeting with Kalkbrenner; F. Fétis, The Parisian Triumph; A. Marmontel, His Technique in Playing and Living; A. Brisson, A Pupil Remembers; E. Hoffmanowa, The Altered Étude; F. Hiller, Count Almaviva Drops His Disguise; A. Meissner, A Flame in a Draught; F. Wieck, A Visit to Leipzig; F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, A Perfect Virtuoso; R. Lehmann, Aerial Appearance; R. Schumann, Cannons Buried in Flowers; J. Kościelska, In Holiday Spirits; H. Voigt, Simplicity and Naturalness in Playing; L. Enault, A Meeting with George Sand; J. Brzozowski, An Evening with Chopin; F. Ziem, The Origin of the „Funeral March”; G. Sand, A Winter in Majorca; E. Choussat de Canut, Trouble with a Piano; I. Moscheles, At the Royal Court; G.A. Osborne, Friendships with Hiller; F. Müller-Streicher, A Music Lesson; M. d’Agoult, Gossip from Paris; E. Legouvé, Three „Egos”; A. Schindler, Sincerity and Truth in Expression; F. von Flotow, At the Marquis de Custine’s; W. von Lenz, A Laissez-Passer from Liszt. Filtsch. Mme George Sand’s Cigar. A Quarrel with Meyerbeer. Gutmann; J.W. Davison, An Appreciation from London; J. Noskowski, Two Masters; Ch. Rollinat, Nohant: Liszt and Chopin, the Rivals; J.B. Zaleski, His National Anthem; H. Heine, „Rafael of the Pianoforte”; L. Blanc, The Last Moments of Godefroy Cavaignac; A. Audley, A Taste for Elegance; M. Fuller, Ariel View of Universe; D. de Girardin, Encore! Encore!; Edouard Grenier, A Maternal Gesture; W. Mickiewicz, A Sick Man’s Moods; Ella Jaubert, „Lucrezia Floriani”; A. Rząrzewski, Between Scylla and Charibdis; É. Ganche, Heavenly Moments in the Square d’Orléans; O. Goldschmidt, The Last Concert in Paris; H. Modrzejewska, A Mistress’s Spite; F. Liszt, His Social Convictions and His Religious Attitude; C. Mikuli, Pedagogue and Teacher; A.J. Hopkins, 1848: England and Scotland; W. Kuhe, Recital at Madame Sartoris’; H.F. Chorley, The Hearing Confirms the Reading; C. Engel, „His Name Will Live”; Ch. Hallé, The Portrait of an Artist; W. Grzymała, Conversation with a Lady; S. Koźmian, Sadness and Depression; A. Dessus, The Poet’s Rebuke; E. Delacroix, Food for the Soul; A. Franchomme, The Generous Gift. The Portière and Mr. Alexis; C.K. Norwid, A Visit to the rue Chaillot; L. Postawka, The Record of His Valet; Ch. Gavard, Delfina Potocka’s Singing; A. Jełowicki, „The Most Beautifil Concertoof His Life”; L. Ciechomska, His Last Moments; J. Janin, Posthumous Homage; H. Berlioz, Only for Selected…; E. Guinot, The Pomp of the Funeral Ceremony; Th. Gautier, The Funeral; J. Stirling, The First Anniversary of His Death; H.R. Haweis, Liszt Plays Chopin. – W tomie znalazł się też wykaz źródeł oraz skrócone noty biograficzne autorów.

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